About Us

Jay & Margaret live in the mountains of WNC and they love touching peoples lives for Christ. They have been making soap for friends and family and with a big response of people asking them to sell it they started Sonlight Bodyworks.

All the soaps they make are all natural using only organic ingredi

As a young girl, my grandmother Lois and I would spend hours looking for the perfect flowers and the perfect smells to make out soap smell amazing. I learned the process from her, and the smoothness and smell was always something special. My favorite is Margaret Rose and Honeysuckle. They both remind me of my Grandmama Lois.

When I first started making soap, I was giving my products as gifts to family and friends, and then pretty soon everyone started wanted to buy them and thus Sonlight Bodyworks was born.

The most special ingredient is something I treasure the most -“Prayer”.

I learned at a young age the power of prayer. As Jay and I make each bar of soap, we pray for the individuals who will receive it. Jay and I have love hearing stories from people about how God helps them and about how clean and healthy they are because of our soap.

We use only the purest ingredients, and, no matter what we make, the main ingredient is still the same – Prayer.

– Margeret Poteat –

Why Sonlight Soaps Are Good For You

Here is what Dr. Mick, an user of Sunlight Soaps, wants you to know about the importance of skincare.

I wanted to explain to you why I love the soap so much.

When it comes to skin car, we are vastly malnourished in the United States today, because it’s not just one thing that solves the issue. It’s actually a multitude of things that we have to do in order to nourish our skin in the proper way.

Now, most people don’t know this, but our skin’s actually the largest organ on our body, so that means we have to take care of it even more than any of the other organs.

It takes a well-balanced approach with food, with maintaining proper hydration, and then also – what people don’t realize is – things that we put topically on our skin have a huge impact as far as the impurities that we’re putting on.

A lot of the soaps here in our country are ridden with chemicals and just have a lot of different additives and artificial colors that when put on our skin actually start damaging our skin. And so, over time, it’s not helping our skin grow and it’s not helping the energy and vitality.

One thing that I really love about Sunlight soaps is that it doesn’t have any of those. They’re all-natural ingredients that you can put onto your skin and know that what you’re putting on is actually nourishing our body instead of riddling it with lot of chemicals.

The Dead Sea scrub, what I personally use, has activated charcoal and is really good for detoxifying the impurities from our body that we’ve been putting onto our skin for years and years.

I’ve actually thrown out a lot of our soaps that are in my bathroom because I found that this one is just the best.

They tell you when you read ingredients, this long list of ingredients in most of the other areas, and when the Sunlight Soaps, they just have a small number of ingredients that you can actually read, and it’s all-natural, which means that the skin can actually absorb it and it actually can take those nutrients to provide the best value for your body, for your skin, and for your pocket, so I hope that you enjoy the soaps.

I’ll tell you, go use them. I use it every single day. It’s an amazing soap. Sunlight is an amazing company, and I fully endorse everything that they are doing and support, and will be happy to answer any questions that may come from this video, so if you like it, share it with everyone that you know. This is amazing stuff; amazing product, and I could be happier to use it myself. Have a great day.